Our Technologies


Experts in resin blending and blown film production , El- Ahram maintains a strong asset base of extrusion and lamination capabilities including:-
* Blown films
* Adhesive lamination.
This enables us to offer our customers access to a wide variety of film substrate options such as:-
• Mono and Coax PE films up to three layers.
• Duplex and triplex films.
• All types PE blends that matches different applications.

Ink system

• Develops a fully integrated ink system project.
• Control all raw materials vendors and specifications.
• Invest to setup a full automated ink system including the following.
• Invest to buy a dispenser machine - (full system bau - German ) .
• Invest to buy X-rite programs with spectrophotometer for color matching and color calculation depending on pre prepared database.


Experts in Adhesive lamination including: -
• Solvent based lamination, using a full automated, high speed machines, Italian Technology.
• Solvent less lamination , using a full automated , high speed , full control lamination machine with Italian technology
These two types is suitable for different applications such as:-

  • - Duplex lamination
  • - Triplex lamination
  • - four layers lamination

These types serve a wide range of sub-applications like ..,,

  • • Personal care
  • • home care
  • • dry foods
  • • Biscuits
  • • yogurts
  • • chocolate
  • • yeast
  • • wet wipes
  • • PET foods
  • • Detergents
  • • hot filling laminate


Whether paper or plastic El-Ahram can manufacture pouches for different applications such as:-

  • • Fertilizers.
  • • Medical purpose.
  • • Dairy pouch.
  • • Insecticides.

These application can be designed in different shapes like: -
• Two side seal ,
• Three side seal ,
• Center seal ,
• Center with gusset ..,
This department is supported with high speed, full control, and German Technology machines.


El-Ahram invest in the latest updates printing and ink technologies.
Our printing technology includes: -
• Rotogravure.
• Flexographic.
… Using a high speed, full control machines using Italian technology.


Whether paper or plastic El-Ahram has the Capability to slit the printed and laminated rolls according to slitting width ordered by customer. (Able to slit reels from 1.5 cm-120 cm)
El-Ahram has a wide varieties of slitting high speed and full control machines based on English , German , and Italian Technologies as following :-
• Titan (England).
• Bimec (Italy) .
• Goebel machine (Germany).
• Schiavi ( Italy ).

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