About Us

Tomorrow is our Mission

Al Ahram is an Egyptian company engaged in the field of flexible packing since 1993 located in the 2nd industrial Zone of Borg El-Arab El-Gideda at Alexandria, Egypt. Our factory is built with keeping future expansion scalability . Our vision is ambition by capitalizing on our current success in the Middle East and extend our geographical reach into Africa & The whole world .
We manage to get the best and most modernized technological ideas and equipment in order to produce a very high quality, safe and legal products according to the national and international standards.
Our engineers and labors get a good training through the experts and technicians sent by the machines and materials suppliers.
We care to evaluate the organization system from time to time in order to detect any defect which may occur through the production operations and process control.


The senior management confirms the company’s commitment and responsibility for applying and maintenance the full integral system in company through the following:-

• achieve the demands and expectations of customers in producing high quality products and take in account the safety of the product subjected to (laws / health requirements / governmental stipulations / customers specifications / the impact on the work environment / maintaining security and safety of workers / and any other requirement …)
• Produce identical products with local laws and legislations and also laws and legislations of States which have been exporting to them.
• applying laws and legislations and the other requirements which deal with the preservation of the environment and the safety and health of workers, visitors and contractors with a commitment the ethical policy of the company.
• Focusing on the selection and the evaluation of suppliers of raw materials and the extent of their commitment to the safety, the health and the quality of supplied materials.
•Working in a team and the continuous training for workers and raising their efficiency to follow the correct methods of quality and the product safety and maintaining the work environment
• Taking the necessary procedures to prevent the pollution of air, water and land and reducing wastage and rationalizing resources.
• maintain the safety and health of workers from injuries and occupational accidents and diseases, as well as neighborhoods, customers, contractors and visitors of the company.
• prevent pollution and reducing wastage during production processes and others by the disposal of wasted products according to good technical assets.
• make the periodic evaluation of the environmental effects and work risks and harms and make sure that it is within the scheduled standards and takes the corrective procedures for any negatives substantiated by experience.
• Continuous improvement of the company integrated system for establishing goals and programs for improvement and development

Why Us

Whatever your printing needs , whatever your packaging challenges, El- Ahram For Printing and Packaging gives solutions

Total Quality Control: One convenient location; a wide range of services and capabilities. From design to fulfillment, we’re one of the rare few that offers you consistent quality control by seeing your project through from start to finish.
Cost-effective Service: That means big savings for you. The wide range of services we offer allows you to bypass relationships with unnecessary vendors.
Unlimited Potential: Bring us your challenge.
The Latest and Greatest: The most up-to-date processes. State-of-the-art technology. We are on the cutting edge because we know you need to be too.
Peace of Mind.: All the machinery and processes don’t mean a thing unless we’ve got the experience to back it up. And we do-more than 30 years of it
Superior Service: Our customers appreciate our expertise, range of services and creative approach to printing and packaging solutions. They’ve been kind enough to share some words of thanks.
Suppliers: Capitalize on strong relationships with our raw material suppliers to constantly improve our procurement position
Expertise: Our expertise and history of excellence are unmatched providing world-class brands with cutting edge, high quality and innovative printing and packaging solutions and services since 1994
Design: Our designers are the best in the business experienced in working with leading luxury brands and understanding their needs. Our concepts, problem solving and execution is unmatched as we stay current on global emerging trends in design, materials, processes and solutions.
Product Safety: BRC accreditation demonstrates we provide a high hygiene production environment using BRC compliant board and low migration inks for safer packaging to provide an assured supply chain for food packaging.

Board of Directors

Mr. Ahmed Galal

Chairman of Board of Directors

Mr. Naseem El galad

Vice Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Hatem Kassem

Managing Director

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